My name is Taylor.
Taylor Martin. I am a Wedding and Senior Portrait photographer based in Knoxville, Tennessee. For nearly ten years, I have been involved in the art of photography. There are many factors that play into how I began my career in photography, but it all comes down to one thing: story telling. As a child, creative writing was something that I really enjoyed. As I grew older, I found that time went by faster and there simply just wasn’t enough hours in the day to write stories anymore. I picked up a camera at the age of thirteen and realized that this was a completely different way for me to tell a story. Since then, I have grown a hobby into a business that I honestly never had planned to do at all.

So, why weddings? I believe that it’s important to document certain times in our life. Whether that moment in time is the last year of our high school career or the day that we marry the loves of our lives- we need that moment of nostalgia. That moment when we look back on those photos and remember all the good times. I also just enjoy making people happy. I love seeing the reactions of families when they see their photos. I love making people feel beautiful in their own skin. On the day of a wedding, you see a group of people take a day out of their lives to surround a couple with love. The world is crazy- we are all so busy. It is a beautiful thing to see a group of people take a moment to pause their crazy schedules and celebrate a couple as they begin a new chapter in their lives. As a wedding photographer, I believe in telling a story. A story that is perfectly catered to just your wedding day. If you’re ready to get that story started, please give me a call/text/email/dm/ whatever form of communication there is in today’s world. I look forward to meeting you!